A Mourisca, Lisbon 2017
Lisbon 2017
Had dinner at Attica the other night to celebrate Danny's Birthday. It was incredible. We all ordered the extended tasting menu, 21 courses in total and all of them very different and delicious. This is the Marron, Lilly Pilly and Pearl, course 15 or 16 I think, (I opted for the local wine matching!). Some of the standout dishes were the Wallaby Blood Pikelet (with the "juice" of 10-15 Wallabys!), the Ripponlea Broth (flavours I have never tasted before) and we all wanted more of Gazza's Vegemite Pie's. I missed most of the detailed descriptions of the dishes because I was busy snapping away at these wonderful creations being placed before me. The staff were great, we even got taken out to the garden, via a kitchen where chefs were working away, for a cuppa tea and a mint slice. What an experience. Riponlea, VIC 2016
Attica, Ripponlea VIC 2016
Attica Restaurant, Ripponlea 2017
Attica, Melbourne 2016
Melbourne 2017
Sapporo 2016
Izakaya Restaurant, Niseko 2016
Went to this fine little restaurant a couple of times. One of the best places we discovered in Niseko. Niseko 2016
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Alison's parents treated us to dinner at The European. This is the pan fried trout, with squid stuffed with ancient grains and wild rice. Melbourne 2014
Fish fingers, lettuce, mayo, sliced gherkins, salt, pepper, toast. Result! Melbourne 2014
Glasgow 2013
Ubud, Bali
Ubud 2013 Who would have though a cup of coffee would generate so much interest. Tempted to use this space to write a spiel about how I don't drink Starbuck's because of their dodgy tax avoidance practices, but that's not the truth. I don't drink Starbucks because it's shit coffee. Glad you all like the shot. Twitter | Facebook | www.petersawers.com | Tumblr | About Me | 500px